Even though the current stock market seems to be in a confused tumble, there are ways that every consumer can save money. And, as we all know, money saved is money earned. For those who may have money in the market or in retirement accounts, experts all seem to agree that now is not the time to panic. Markets go up and they go down. It is the nature of the beast. When they go down, however, buying from discount warehouses within your local area is a good way to make every dollar go farther. This is true with everything from the hardwood floors discount warehouse to the discount grocery store.

As for panic when markets slide downhill, here is some sage advice from one expert:

“Turn off the TV and turn on your computer," says Peter Frawley, financial consultant and senior vice president of CoreCap Investments in the greater Detroit area. "This is not the time to listen to breaking news every five minutes." And while you're at it, send that heaping bowl of jargon back to the kitchen.”

Source: 10 Tips for Keeping a Cool Head in a Market Meltdown by Lou Carlozo.

What Frawley is saying is that keeping a cool head can save you money as it allows you to make better decisions. And while you are at it, try to find ways to save money that you might otherwise lose. For this strategy, look into discount buying.

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