There are some home improvement projects that are more popular than others. Here’s our list of the most popular home improvements.

  • Changing out your front door – this simple home improvement increases the value of your home by more than 100%, and is relatively inexpensive. This, then, makes it the most popular home improvement project.
  • New garage door – this is yet another simple home improvement project, and increases the value of your home by 90%. Like the front door improvement, this improvement is relatively easy and relatively inexpensive.
  • Fireplace – add one or more fireplace in your home, and the value of your home goes up in value by a few thousand dollars. The added bonus: it helps warm your home significantly, for less of a cost than traditional heating methods.
  • Eat in kitchen – this is most common amongst older homeowners (35 and older); only 21% of homeowners under the age of 35 found an eat-in kitchen to be important.
  • Stainless steel appliances – while this definitely makes the room look “colder,” this will also increase the value of your home by about 41%. But be warned: stainless steel wears out a lot faster than other types of appliances…so nothing is ever as it seems.
  • Kitchen island – this investment averages about $1500 per island (factored in for materials, location, and so forth), but is only determined to be “important” by about 24% of people ages 35 to 54.
  • En suite master bathrooms – this is more important to married homeowners, and needs to include such “dual” features as two sinks, separate baths & showers, and a walk-in closet.
  • Hardwood floors – while older people prefer carpeting because of the perceived increase in insulation, many younger homeowners actually prefer to have hardwood floors over any other kind of flooring. And, it seems, they’re right to believe so: hardwood adds, on average, about a 54% value increase to your home.

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