There are any numbers of reasons the good people of Deland, FL might need access to a hardwood floors discount warehouse, and one of those reasons is when renovations are the topic of the day. One homeowner, Ashley Wood, who lives in Evinston, may certainly need to visit a reliable hardwood floors discount warehouse as he goes about finishing a labor of love project.

WUFT recently posted a very interesting article about how Mr. Wood is renovating his home, which was built back in the 1880's.

“The house is the oldest home in Evinston. It was built in the 1880s...It took two years and $2,000 to build...[Mr] Wood has done almost all the work on the house himself, with the exception of the electricity, the roof and some of the porch work.”

Source: WUFT, Evinston’s Oldest Home Receiving Complete Renovation by Alison Eckerle.

According to the article, Mr. Wood is intent on restoring the old home even if it takes the rest of his life.

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