At Factory Warehouse of Floors in Deland, FL, we carry a huge inventory of hardwood flooring. In fact, we have one of the biggest selections that you will find anywhere in this area of Florida. While we carry well over 650 hardwood flooring systems for you to choose from, over 300 of those are solid hardwood floors. This is what we want to talk about today.

Since the advent of engineered hardwood flooring, solid (or traditional) hardwood flooring has been getting harder to find. Most flooring stores will offer a nice selection of engineered hardwood, but only carry a handful of solid hardwood offerings, if any at all. We are not entirely sure why they do that, but they do, and it's fairly common to see this these days.

As your local hardwood flooring discount warehouse, we have made it a point to carry a huge selection of solid hardwood floors. We know that for many of our customers, nothing will ever take the place of solid wood. There is a distinct look and feel to solid wood flooring that is unmistakable. But, there are other benefits to solid wood floors, and here are just two of them:

Solid hardwood floors can be refinished over time. This is a common need for most homes and businesses, especially when there is a lot of foot traffic or pets with claws. Because these floors are made of solid wood planking, they can be sanded down when needed, and a new top coating can be applied. This means that your flooring can look like new for generations to come.

The second benefit to solid wood flooring is that once it is sanded down, you can choose a different color tone if you wish. In essence, you can change the entire look of the flooring, and, thus, the room, whenever you want, without losing your base wood flooring.

As a side note, solid hardwood floors are now more affordable than ever before. While they once were incredibly expensive, today most families can easily fit solid flooring into their budgets. Our hardwood flooring discount warehouse offers all of our hardwood flooring, engineered and solid, at very competitive prices, something our customers love about us.

If you are looking for a great selection of wood flooring systems, come by Factory Warehouse of Floors in Deland, FL and see why we are the hardwood flooring discount warehouse that so many people choose when they need affordable, quality floor coverings.