Sometimes working to keep the past intact is a very good thing. This seems to be case with a remarkable project taking place in Deland, FL as a painter brings new life and color to an old mural that has seen better days. The mural has been neglected for years, but with some new paint, it is hoped that it will be returned to its original beauty.

A story on this project was recently published, giving us some insight into what is happening and who is doing it.

“A colorful mural depicting early 20th-century life along a rail spur that ran through town is getting redone. The mural, which covers a wall about 240 feet long, was first dedicated in spring 2003 as part of Main Street DeLand Association's mural program. The wall is on a hill at Painter's Pond behind the Athens Commons student housing complex downtown. The lead artist on the original mural, Courtney Canova, is back repainting the wall.”

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