Here’s the thing about people in Deland, Florida: Our residents clearly love the best of everything, whether it’s a college (Stetson University, which gave Florida its first law, music and business school and made the “best colleges” list at U.S. News & World Report) or even our award-winning Main Street, which shows the best of both old and new architecture.

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It stands to reason, then, that Deland, Florida homeowners will want the very best in flooring. That’s exactly why you will come to Direct Warehouse of Floors, where you’ll find all kinds of flooring materials-- but especially hardwood floors in our discount warehouse.

Think again if you think hardwood is too expensive. When you consider that it’s so long-lasting and think about how easy it is to take care of, it seems like a pretty small investment. (You’ll also have a great shopping experience when you come to the hardwood floors in our discount warehouse.)

​Here’s a very quick tutorial about hardwood, but come to see us, and we’ll tell you more.

1. Lighter tones, like oak, cherry or maple, tend to be the hardest, so if you have a lot of foot-traffic—for instance in the kitchen or bath-- you may consider these options. The darker tones, however, can be exotic and add contrast.

CARING FOR YOUR FLOORSFirst, there’s basic care. Just dust, mop or vacuum a couple of times a week. Deep clean with a damp mop and wood-cleaning product. Fine steel wool and a little floor wax can get rid of dark spots and pet stains.

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We don’t want you to worry, Deland, Florida—come to our hardwood floors in our discount warehouse and we’ll tell you all you need to do!