Christmas is over and so is one of the more unusual promotional deals in the Deland, FL area. If one were to have visited a hardwood floors discount warehouse, for instance, they might have gotten a great deal on hardwood flooring. But, a local jewelry store was doing something else. They were handing out free shotguns to customers who bought a certain amount of merchandise from them during their annual Fire and Ice sale. Deland is known for running some odd promotions from time to time, but this one garnered national news attention.

The story in the NY Daily News was just one of the many papers that carried the story.

“Deland’s Downtown Goldsmith Jewelry and Engraving has already given away about 30 shotguns this season, a record for the annual “Fire and Ice” sale, shop owner Jessie Czerok told the Daily News...Czerok assured those concerned for safety that customers must clear a federal background check before taking home their free shotgun. The jewelry boutique doubles as a licensed gun dealer that sells weapons year-round.”

Source: Florida jewelry store giving away free shotgun with purchase by Staff.

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